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Opening Title Sequence + End Credits
2019, February-May

The dream for someone who just starts as a Junior Motion Graphics Designer is participating in such a ambitious project and being able to improve in a matter of months without realising... That was my luck.

As soon as I arrived into Fugitive Studios, I started learning the end credits process: in a film full of crew! Thanks to Simon, I learned all the tricks to gain space (as much as possible) in the rolling credits of a big Disney Film.

At the same time, I started creating simulations in Cinema 4D with a great combo for “wispy smoke” creation: Turbulence FD + X Particles. I created up to 10 different versions modifying speed and cooling time. The animation was produced in Turbulence and then X Particles “would follow” that movement: so, the speed in the emitter in X Particles was set as “0” and in Turbulence settings – Simulation, we changed the Particles Velocity Scale to 100%.

  • End Titles – The Dance

The challenges in this part were making the Titles readable enough (since they were ochre-like colour) and not to disturb the action (which, if you remember, is a funny and fast-paced dance).

In the beginning, we played with the frame of the dance, changing size and position. But then It was discarded.

  • End Credits (Roller)

In a film like this one, it was obvious that the amount of VFX was exceptionally heavy = A LOT of people involved in them. That’s great, BUT everyone wants the roller as short as possible… Making it fast is not the best solution since that would cause the text to strobe, so some of our “magic tricks” involved:

  • Group VFX separated by a dot
  • 2 columns for credits
  • Reduce spacing

In the photos on the right, you can see some of the evolution: from trying multiple columns for the big groups and one column for the rest of the roles, to double-column for everyone and big groups separated by dots.